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Women's Clinics Randburg
Women’s Clinics Randburg

Women’s clinic Randburg is a legalized medical abortion clinic offering abortion services and womb cleaning included starting from R500.

Termination of pregnancy is when a pregnancy is ended before it results into the birth of a child. This may either be done using pills or by performing a slight surgery.

How does women’s Clinic Perform Abortions

Women’s clinic Randburg uses pills to abort and we make sure your health comes first.

An Abortion where pills are used to terminate the pregnancy is called a Medical Abortion.

Our medical abortions are safe and carry less risks because it looks like a miscarriage risks during an abortion may increase if you decide to abort a late term pregnancy. So do not wait until its late contact us at 0719781902

Our mission is to provide a friendly, safe, and professional care for women who have decided to terminate their pregnancies.

We are proud of our reputation for treating each patient with distinctive care and the utmost respect.

Because of this, we receive many referrals from doctors, hospitals, and clinics across the country.

We offer same-day appointments Mondays through Saturday and Sundays with appointment

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